20190428 people and stuff

It is possible to spend any amount of money but a person never needs more than $2000 to live on, except for health care.  If there was universal health care and everyone received $2000 per month, then everyone would have sufficient money.  The more people in a family, the less per capita income is necessary.

One may spend extensively on education.  One may amass debt and have extensive interest payments.  These are a matter of choice.  One may spend more that $2000 per month even if they don’t have the money.  American personal debt is enormous.  Dutch personal debt is staggering.  There is one reason for all this debt.  People buy stuff they don’t need and they borrow money to do so.

Manufactured items are rarely essential.  Many manufactured items are necessary, but they are not essential.  What clothing we need can be purchased incredibly cheaply.  Each person needs a plate, bowl cup and spoon and a knife.  One does not need a fork.  With the knife one makes chopsticks.

Many people receive less than $2000 per month.  They still get by.  If people merely bought what they needed the economy would collapse.  The economy, as it stands, is not necessary.  End this one – a new one begins.

People do not need to be creative.  People can, and do, drift.  People work at jobs, get paid, spend money, all without producing a thing.  The service industry produces nothing.  It hands food out a window, cleans offices, answers questions in stores that are selling items that have no use or value.  Public services serve drifting people.  Creative people could get their own water and electric power.  Public services maintains transportation for people to drift needlessly about their storage area.  Educators teach people who will never create anything.  Very few things are actually created.  There may be a thousand things common to our culture.  The variety exists only in the modification of the thing.  One may be paid much money to modify things.  This is not creation.

People get paid to be kind, alert, funny, helpful.  All these actions ought to be free.  Worship leading, education, social counseling, child care all ought to be free.